A Collection By – Frank Marino Baker

Frank Marino Baker Faces

On May 16, 2017 my little sister Francesca died after a 4 year battle with breast cancer. In her last days we talked and I watched as she slowly faded away. I realized many people would never get to meet this amazing person and see the light and impact she had on all that met her. In my memory her face may fade but her impact on my life will never leave me.

In 2017 alone, more than 1,685,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and more that 595,000 people will die from this horrible disease. Time may fade some of the details and the memories of these brave individuals, but their impact on our lives will live on in the people they touched.

The unclear features in these works represent those fading details of life. The bold colors and wire represent the strength of the moments that stay with us.  This show is dedicated to all the people, the moments and the futures that cancer has and will take from us, and for all the faces we will never meet.