Frank Marino Baker: Wire Artist and Sculptor
Finding how the lines fit together is what I was made to do.  When I work with wire and metal I am reminded that the ebb and flow of life can be twisted into almost any outcome.  The choices we make bring us to where we are now and our past creates our future. I create by finding the flow of energy and funneling the pieces to fit together to recreate what I see. Even the strength of wire, metal and wood have a ephemeral element that lets me know that life starts to change the moment it is made. A moment is never the same after its creation and even the deepest of moments changes with time as we come to know what they really were. My passion for art and working with wire has let me create many unique pieces.
Wire and Metal Art

Working with wire and metal has been a challenge and a blessing all in one.  I love taking something that is cold as metal and wire and creating a living piece of art that is warm and inviting.


Expexting #1 Frank Marino Baker
Expecting #1 Oil on Panel $795 Drip painting on Panel 13"x30"
Vitamin D, Drip painting
Vitamin D Drip painting Oil on Panel By Frank Marino Baker $230 13"x13"
Morning Tea By Frank Marino Baker $195 Dripped oil on panel 13"x13"
Fugure #114 Frank Marino Baker
Figure #114 $350
Wire Hand Sculpture
Wire Hand Sculpture Steel Wire and Resin Sculpture  11" x 8" in  
Lennon Red Drip painting By Frank Marino Baker
Red Lennon Drip Painting By Frank Marino Baker
wire and paint Study
Study of Egon Schiele By Frank Marino Baker This is a wire and paint study of a Egon Schiele painting
drip painting Frank Marino Baker
Old Man Yellow Drip Painting by Frank Marino Baker
Lady in Black drip painting by Frank Marino Baker
Lady in Black Drip painting by Frank Marino Baker Sold
Blue Face 1 Drip Painting By Frank Marino Baker
Blue Man #1 Drip Painting By Frank Marino Baker  Sold
The Beard Drip Painting By Frank Marino Baker
Drip Painting "The Beard" Sold
John Lennon Drip Painting by Frank M Baker
John Lennon Drip Painting Sold
Drip painting Woman dancing by Frank marino Baker
Mud Dance Drip Painting Sold
Copper pool boy: wire art on copper : Baker
Wire on Copper $340 Oil and patina on copper with wire overlay
Wire Face Sculpture - Face Floward   Sold! Face Floward- Wire Sculpture on panel. Life is continually flowing forward our
Woman 1 Wire Art Sketch
Woman - Wire Sketch $150 Woman 1 Wire art Sketch By Frank Marino Baker. Steel Wire
Gandhi Drip painting Study $350 Mix Media on Canvas Drip painting
The Baleful Goose - Drip Painting 24" x 24" $1150
Frank M Baker Self portrait Drip painting
Frank Marino Baker Self portrait; Drip painting "Sold" Drip painting self portrait
Wire sculpture of a rock climber.