Frank Marino Baker: Wire Artist and Sculptor
Finding how the lines fit together is what I was made to do.  When I work with wire and metal I am reminded that the ebb and flow of life can be twisted into almost any outcome.  The choices we make bring us to where we are now and our past creates our future. I create by finding the flow of energy and funneling the pieces to fit together to recreate what I see. Even the strength of wire, metal and wood have a ephemeral element that lets me know that life starts to change the moment it is made. A moment is never the same after its creation and even the deepest of moments changes with time as we come to know what they really were. My passion for art and working with wire has let me create many unique pieces.
Wire and Metal Art

Working with wire and metal has been a challenge and a blessing all in one.  I love taking something that is cold as metal and wire and creating a living piece of art that is warm and inviting.


Miles Davis Wire Sculpture
Miles Davis Wire Sculpture Sold 12"x8"x3" Steel and Copper  Wire Sculpture Miles Davis
Miles Davis Wire Sculpture
Video of  the wire sculpture I did of Miles Davis.  It stands a 12"x8"x3" and is made of steel wire
Cold Morning wire Sculpture
Cold Morning- Wire Sculpture 24"x36" $950 Cold Morning: Wire and oil on panel By: Frank Marino Baker
Wire Hand sculpture 1
Right Hand #1 Study Wire sculpture 24"x36" $950 Wire Hand #1 study  Wire Sculpture 24"x36"
wire sculpture gentleman
Wire Sculpture Gentelman $300 14"x18" Wire on panel
prayer: wire art
 $950 Prayer: Wire and Oil on Wood
Frank Marino Baker Drip painting Bow tie man
Drip Painting Man with Bow Tie $200 Drip painting: Man with Bow Tie Oil on panel 12"x17"
Frank Marino Baker Drip Painting
$200 Man with blue eye  
wire sculpture Boxer clout-s 5
 Wire sculpture boxer "Clout-S" "Sold" Wire art Sculpture by Frank Marino Baker.  This piece is a reflection of the human
sock lady -wire art
Doubtful Lady -Wire Art $350 13"x8" Mix media oil on panel with wire over lay
Wire Fine Art Metal Dancer
Wire Dancer Painting "Sold" Oil on panel with wire overlay.  Wire Dancer was Created for Mckayla for her birthday
Wire sculpture Boxer Video. Here is a 360 view of the sculpture "Clout" this sculpture is 36"x28" and is made
The Disguise of Christ This wire painting depicts a likeness of Christ using only his most iconic attire.  I wanted
Wire Sculpture Man 2 - wire art
Blown Away - Wire Sculpture Blown Away - Wire sculpture Sometimes in life you feel like you have to hold
Oil painting with wire overlay. wire painting
Oil painting with a wire overlay study Depicts the duality of creation.  Juxtapositioning the soul and body and adding the
Wire Art Apple
Wire and Oil mix media Apple Poke Study 13'x30' wire, oil mix media piece.
Red Fashon metal wire woman study
Red Fashion Oil on panel painting with wire overlay This is mix media piece of metal wire and Oil paints.
Wire Painting lady at Ease
Wire painting - Blue Lady at Ease Using a wire sketching techniques in his wire art and working with Wire,
I working on a new concept with the wire welding.  I am using wire and brass braising to attach the
Defeted boxer - Wire sculpture - Wire art
"Sold" This Wire Sculpture is called The Decision.   The moment of decision after getting knocked down, Are you going to