Frank Marino Baker: Wire Artist and Sculptor
Finding how the lines fit together is what I was made to do.  When I work with wire and metal I am reminded that the ebb and flow of life can be twisted into almost any outcome.  The choices we make bring us to where we are now and our past creates our future. I create by finding the flow of energy and funneling the pieces to fit together to recreate what I see. Even the strength of wire, metal and wood have a ephemeral element that lets me know that life starts to change the moment it is made. A moment is never the same after its creation and even the deepest of moments changes with time as we come to know what they really were. My passion for art and working with wire has let me create many unique pieces.
Wire and Metal Art

Working with wire and metal has been a challenge and a blessing all in one.  I love taking something that is cold as metal and wire and creating a living piece of art that is warm and inviting.


Wire Sculpture Hand
Wire Hand study working on fitting the human anatomy in to the wire form using as few tools as posable
Orange Woman Painting  Study,  Oil on Panel 8x12
Worked on a new piece today the wire hand sculpture  I was thinking to do an entire body in wire and want
Wire drawing sketch man
Wire Drawing Sketch. 14x8 free hanging. This wire man is a free sketch I did for a new technique I
Pear Painting Wire art
 "Pear" This wire painting is oil on panel with wire creating the hard lines of the pear.
Wire art | Woman
 "I Woman"   This Wire Sketch Panting was done as a study.  I first bent the wire  and them panted the canvas.  All
Wire Sculpture Working Clay and Wire
"Working"  This Wire Sculpture Study  is based on the working man. I wanted to use materials that related to the composition and
Flower Wire art | Wire Painting
       Flower Wire Painting.  This wire art piece is of a Daffodil it was inspired by some sketches by artist Elswoth Kelly
Wire art painting Woman with dog
Woman with dog wire painting study.   inspired by
Sold "Boxer" Wire sculpture study.   Made out of wire and  a home made Acrylic Polymer  that I used for the gloves.  standes
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