Face 12 Wire Art sculpture by Frank Marino BakerFrank Marino Baker was born near Salt Lake City Utah. His creative ability presented itself early in life, He always had a fondness for how things worked and was known for taking thing apart and putting them back together.  He had a strong instinct from a young age about how things fit together and uses that in all aspects of his life.

In 2001, Frank graduated from college and started working for a marketing firm. He worked for 3 firms over the next 14 years honing his creative skills.  He excelled in connecting with people and finding what resonated with them. Using his creativity and ability to see how things fit together he started to create sculptures and painting. Finding wire such a fulfilling medium he began to create and never looked back.

Frank’s works reflect his lifetime of making and creating. His vision is to see the flow of energy and portray that in his art.  finding the connections of the material and the ethereal in everyday life.  He also enjoys painting and drawing a broad range of subjects, drawing inspiration from his travels, family, the human experience and his quest for knowledge. In his work Frank strives to capture the connections of of day-to-day life and invisible flow of energy in the nature of everything.

His work has exhibited at the Springville Museum of Art, Utah County Justice Building, Terra Nova Gallery , Red Finch Gallery . He is an internationally sold artist and has sold pieces all over the world.


Cover of Nieman Marcus “The Book” October 2015

2nd place Sandy One-Art show 2012

Award of Merit 2013 Utah Spring Art show

He currently resides in Sandy, Utah, with his wife, Erin,  three girls, Ava, Avella, Stella and son Marino